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Google’s Latest Algorithm Update – Adwords Makes More Money if SEO is Unreliable

May 11, 2012 by Larry Dozier divider image

Is Google’s latest panda update designed to increase ad revenue from adwords? Jeet at believes that there’s a strong possibility of this:


“Google’s latest algorithm change has webmasters and SEO gurus shaking in their boots. But what could be the motive behind all this change?

Google has been making many changes over the last year or so and generally these seem to be aimed toward improving the search engine experience for users. The official statement is that Google is aiming at becoming better at detecting spammy black hat SEO methods and honing in on the good quality and original content. Semantic search and social search are being introduced while at the same time the search giant has been coming down hard on ‘over optimization’ and duplicate content.

But when is change no longer a good thing? At what point does it become change for change’s sake? Worse, at what point does it become an example of Google dictating what gets exposure on the net and what doesn’t? On could ask what gives Google the authority to decide what is ‘good’ content and what isn’t.

And could there be a more sinister ulterior motive behind all this?”

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