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How To Spot A Fake Facebook Profile

May 15, 2012 by Larry Dozier divider image

I just came across a great article at zdnet on how to spot a fake Facebook profile. With the greater emphasis which Google is placing upon social media markers, I believe we will see much more of this.

If you look at, you’ll see hundreds of gigs offering facebook likes and shares. The majority of these gigs, I would venture to say, use fake facebook profiles.

One interesting thing about this article is that it’s fairly easy to spot a fake Facebook profile algoritmically. I wonder if Google and Facebook will beging factoring these statistics in to their own algorithms…


“Have you ever received a friend request from a Facebook user whom you’ve never met or even heard of? Chances are this person doesn’t exist and you’re looking at a fake Facebook profile.

How do you spot a fake Facebook user? People have many strategies, including looking at the content on their Wall, checking their mutual friends, and/or just scanning for anything out of the ordinary. Security firm Barracuda Networks has taken it a step further in a study titled “Facebook: Fake Profiles vs. Real Users.”

The study analyzed a random sampling of 2,884 active Facebook accounts to identify key differences between average real user accounts and fake accounts created by attackers and spammers. You can see the results in the infographic above, or if you prefer, a quick summary follows:

  • Almost 60 percent of fake accounts claim to be bisexual, 10 times more than real users
  • Fake accounts have six times more friends than real users, 726 versus 130
  • Fake accounts use photo tags over 100 times more than real users, 136 tags per four photos versus one tag per four photos
  • Fake accounts almost always (97 percent) claim to be female, as opposed to 40 percent for real users”

Read full article at


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