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I Was Wrong About Linkwheels – They Don’t Work!

June 25, 2012 by Larry Dozier divider image

In a previous article, I asserted that based upon the areas targeted by the Penguin and Panda updates, link wheels should still work, and might even be the ideal SEO technique for the post-Penguin era. In that article, I advised my reader that this was simply theory at this point, and I promised to report actual results when I had them.

I absolutely hate being wrong, but the results of my test cases indicate that I was incorrect about link wheels still performing well.

It appears, based upon my findings in two test cases, that Google has negated the positive effect which well-built link wheels once had upon search engine position.

In the first case, I built a link wheel which pointed directly to my own link wheel Fiverr gig. In this case, I didn’t pay too much attention to quality of articles, used a variety of spun articles, and posted all articles on web 2.0 properties. I pinged all articles with and did a scrape box blast to generate some backlinks to all the various nodes of the wheel. On this wheel, like all of my other wheels, I used the “Open wheel” architecture which puts a break in the wheel at each level so that no complete circles are formed.

The results looked promising at first, with the site popping up at the #60 spot when searching for “link wheels”. This initial success, however, was short lived. The site suddenly dropped out of the top 100 after a couple of weeks, and has not regained any significant rankings.

In my second test case, I built a high quality link wheel. All tier 1 articles were hand-written by me, and posted on a mixture of web 2.0 sites and my own high pr blogs. I built the outer rings of the wheel using  Linkwheel Bandit software, and hand spun articles. I also backed this wheel up with a scrape box blast and pinged all urls. The quality of this wheel was extremely high.

Nevertheless, this wheel also failed to achieve any appreciable results.

I have to tell you that I’m a little shocked by these results. As a result, I’ve suspended my Fiverr gig, and I will no longer build link wheels.

I was wrong.

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